Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mysterious Eyes

A rich, seductive look in your eyes can give you a lot of confidence. Mysterious looking eyes will give you unbelievable sex appeal as well as power. So how can you pull this look off?

Rich plums will cast a seductive shadow around the eyes- making everyone around you curious! They key is to pair shades with a shimmery finish since matte tones can make skin seem bruised.

Start off with a thin layer of pearly silver shadow on your lids as the base. Top that with a dark purple, blending it into the crease.

Line the upper lids with a black pencil (lightly dotting along the lower lashes makes them seem fuller).

Finish off with three coats of black mascara. Since your eyes will look so intense , stick with a pinky plum lipstick and a dusting rose blush on the cheeks.

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